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Our 55th Reunion (May 31-June 3, 2018) was a huge success...

Click below to see the photos and videos documenting our time together.


55th Reunion Photos - I      <== click here        by Pat Johnston

55th Reunion Photos - II   <== click here   by Various Classmates


Acapella Music Video  <== click here     by John Derby


Memorial Service Remembrances   <== click here    by Jon Larson


Class Survey Report   <== click here    by Jere Johnston

1) The Survey.  Classmate Jere Johnston has distributed a class survey before the last three reunions and presented the findings in the Class Book and in a short movie at the reunion itself.   247 classmates completed this year's survey, down from 467 for the 50th reunion survey.  The tabulations for each question in this year’s survey can be found in the PDF file below.  The tabulations for the previous surveys appear in the Class Book for that reunion. 

All of these surveys provide interesting sketches of the beliefs, behaviors, accomplishments and aspirations of some of our classmates.  But the respondents do not necessarily represent our class, so take the findings as interesting and useful, but not a scientifically accurate profile of our class. 

2) The Movie.  This year’s movie (“Y63Survey-55thReunionPreso”) focuses on the most recent survey, but it includes findings from the survey of our class for the 50th reunion. It is 15 minutes long.  There is no audio, so watch it in a quiet setting so you can let the numbers and quotations wash over you.  Our classmates are some of the most interesting males of our age cohort.  Be inspired by some of their answers. 

You should be able to click or double click on the file name and it will play right in your Web browser.  You can also download the movie to your computer and play it there.  Questions?  Email Jere at  jerej@umich.edu

55th Reunion Committee - Eustace and Ian, 

with Secretary Guy Struve and our Banker Michael Freeland, and with Peter and Marta Salovey

Our 55th Reunion Gift Committee - William A. Kramer and Frederick O. Hanser, with Peter and Marta


Our 55th Reunion facilities manager Jennifer L. Julier '77, Associate Director, Association of Yale Alumni



Prior Reunion Photos Album   <== click here    by Jon Larson

(long download time, large file, your patience will be rewarded)


Seasons: of Our Lives  (Videos)  12 Chapters    by Jon Larson

Chapter Content Length
I Heritage and Traditions 2
II Our Yale Years  1959-1963 5
III Yale Athletics - 1963 3.5
IV Weddings Bells 1
V Answering the Call to Service 3
VI Building Our Lives 4.5
VII Our Life Partners 9
VIII Our Families 8
IX Our Grandchildren 2.5
X Some Life Learnings 2
XI Ourselves Today 5
XII Credits, In Memoriam, Starting over 5.5


Class Photo and Video Albums:

     "Seasons of Our Lives"    50 years in 500 photos in 50 minutes

 British Isles Tour 2016 - Photos

 British Isles Tour 2016 - Video

Tour de France 2015 - I        Loire, Burgundy, Versailles 

Tour de France 2015 - II       Giverny, Normandy and Paris.

Philadelphia mini-Reunion:  April 24-27, 2014

50th Reunion:   May 2013

Antietem Battlefield Tour:  September 2013

California mini-Reunion:    September 2013

Pre-50th mini-reunion - San Francisco:   September 2011


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