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Reunion Central:   55th Free Reunion

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        1)  May 31 through June 3rd.  SAVE THE DATES!   The 55th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1963 will begin at midday on Thursday, May 31, 2018 and will run through the morning on Sunday, June 3, 2018.  Please mark these dates in your calendar, and be sure to save them for the 55th Reunion, which already promises to be our best Reunion yet.

       2) The 55th Reunion will be our first totally Free Reunion.  All Reunion food and drink, and lodging at the Reunion residential college, will be free of charge to everyone who attends the Reunion.  The Class has been saving up for the Free Reunion for four years now, and the financial viability of the Free Reunion is now fully assured.  We are doing this because we want everyone to come to the 55th Reunion – regardless of whether or not you have ever attended any of our Reunions before.  Those who attended the 50th Reunion and prior Reunions know that they are a special and memorable experience – not only reuniting with old friends, but making new friends with whom you already have much in common.  We want everyone to enjoy this experience, which is why we have demolished all financial disincentives to attendance. 

       3) We have been lucky in recruiting an all-star leadership team for the 55th Reunion.  The Reunion Co-Chairmen are Ian Robertson and Eustace Theodore, and the Chairman of the Reunion Committee is Jon Larson.  Ian, Eustace, and Jon are looking forward to hearing your thoughts for the 55th Reunion and about how to reach out to as many classmates as possible.

      4)  55th Reunion Committee:  Over 200 of us have already joined the committee.  To join, all you have to do is to:

a) Agree to participate in the planning with ideas for activities that you and others would find as good reasons to come to the Reunion. 

b) Phone classmates with whom you have had current or past contact whom you would like to encourage to attend the reunion.

We are in the process of calling all classmates soliciting input to the planning process. You can expect a call from one of the committee members.  Or you can call Jon Larson at 415-435-3222.


In Memoriam:  "How Bright Through Memory's Haze"    (shared Remembrances of departed classmates)


Important Recent updates:

Class Notes:   (from the Yale Alumni Magazine)

Classmates on Call:   (Class of 1963 Support Network)


Recently completed Activities, Events and Mini-reunions:

- January Class Dinner in New York City (photos coming)

- Class Film Video Archive project - "In Our Own Words"


- Yale 1963 British Isles Tour - September 2016    (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales)  by 41 Classmates and our Travel Partners

    Photo album of our BI Tour   <==

    Video of our BI Tour   <==


- Mount Vernon    Friday May 13, 2016

Our classmate Peter Cressy arranged a terrific program for the Class of 1963 at Mount Vernon on Friday, May 13, 2016. All members of the Class and their spouses are invited to join us at what promises to be a memorable event.

More than 30 people attended the event. But there is still ample room for other classmates to join us.

The day featured a VIP tour of Mount Vernon, together with discussions of George Washington’s multiple careers as commanding general, President, and pioneering entrepreneur. The discussions will be led by experts, including our own Wick Murray.   A detailed schedule of the day’s events is set forth on the link above.


Yale Tour de France 2015:


Video 1 of our Yale 1963 Tour de France 2015        Part 1: Barge Group 1: Loire, Burgundy, Versailles  -  filmed and edited by Pat Johnston

When the video begins, click the icon in the lower right corner of the video screen to make the slide show full screen on your computer.  There is sound with the video, so make sure your speakers are turned on.

Video 2 of our Yale 1963 Tour de France 2015       Part 2: Barge 2 joins Barge 1 for Giverny, Normandy and Paris.  - filmed and edited by Pat Johnston



View, Save and Print individual Photos (group 1)   Pat's photos for Video 1

View, Save and Print individual Photos (group 2)   Pat's photos for Video 2

View, Save and Print individual Photos (group 3)   (email your own .jpg photos to  jon_larson@hotmail.com   for posting here)


- Yale 1963 Tour de France - September 1-28, 2015    (Itinerary details)



 - Yale 1963 Euro-Mini Reunion (Paris)   - September 17th, 2015



Upcoming Activities, Events and Mini-reunions:  (in the planning stage)

 - Yale 1963 Tour de France - :   (a repeat of our successful Tour de France 2015)

       (Paris 7 days, Burgundy barge 7 days, Normandy 3 days, and Loire Valley/Versailles 3 days)


- Yale 1963 Mississippi River (Minneapolis to New Orleans) 

- Yale '63-'64 Civil Rights Mini-Reunion in Altanta, GA   


          ....the Yale ’63-’64 Civil Rights Mini-Reunion will be held in Atlanta, GA.  This landmark event, which will commemorate the Civil Rights Movement and the part our classmates played in it, and also look forward to the future.  Importantly, it will celebrate the deep roots of the Movement in Atlanta as well as the many dimensions of African-American culture – music, art, and food – in that city.  Jonathan Holloway, the Dean of Yale College and a distinguished Professor of African-American Studies, has already agreed to give the keynote address at the Mini-Reunion on April 14, 2016.  Our classmates Art Gilliam and Tom Greenspon and his wife Barbara (who first met on a Civil Rights picket line in Tom’s junior year) are among those planning the program for the Mini-Reunion.  We look forward to seeing many of our classmates there.


More Activities completed in the past several years:

Bull Pups "You Guys" Reunion:    (Yale/Army game - September 26-27th)

Civil War Battlefield Tour #3 - The Battle of Spotsylvania  (Saturday October 25th)



Our Web sites & Blogs:   (Websites and Blogs maintained by Y63 Classmates)


Books We Have Written:   (a synopsis of over 100 books authored by 81 Yale Class of 1963 Authors)


David Boren:   (David Boren's move to higher education made a big difference for Oklahoma and OU)


Jerry Kenney receives the Yale Blue Leadership Award:




Class Photo Albums:

Philadelphia mini-Reunion:  April 24-27, 2014

50th Reunion:   May 2013

Antietem Battlefield Tour:  September 2013

California mini-Reunion:    September 2013

Pre-50th mini-reunion - San Francisco:   September 2011


Recent Web site enhancements:


"The Go To Guys"  - reflections on Yale '63 footballers and inclusiveness - by Jim Thompson


Photo/Video Album - "Seasons of Our Lives"    50 years in 500 photos in 50 minutes


Class Survey 50th Reunion - Results 


"That's Why I Chose Yale" -  Yale today   (YouTube promotional video produced by the Yale Alumni Office)


Official Yale Bulldog Merchandise purchases online


"Bright College Years (performed by the Yale Glee Club)


312 Years of Yale Tradition    Our historical context



50th Reunion highlights:

          50th Reunion Photo Album:  


Organization, Teamwork, Hard work, Technology, and the overriding Inclusiveness theme allowed us to become the all time 50th Reunion record achievers for funds raised and % of class participation.

Jerry Kenney, Ian Robertson, Mike Skol, Guy Struve, Rick Levin, Jane Levin, Hank Higdon, Dan Arons, Stan Riveles, Jon Larson, Michael Freeland, Benno Schmidt


Richard and Benno



Songs of Yale....

The Whiffenpoof Song  

Eli Yale - Bulldog Fight Song


Bright College Years  (performed by the Yale Glee Club)

Bright College years, with pleasure rife, the shortest, gladdest years of life; 
How swiftly are ye gliding by!  Oh, why doth time so quickly fly?

 The seasons come, the seasons go,  the earth is green or white with snow,
But time and change shall naught avail,  to break the friendships formed at Yale.

 In after years, should troubles rise, to cloud the blue of sunny skies,
How bright will seem, through mem'ry's haze, those happy, golden, bygone days!

Oh, let us strive that ever we, may let these words our watch-cry be,
Where'er upon life's sea we sail:

 "For God, for Country and for Yale!"







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