Yale 1963 

Recent Activities:

                                      "You Guys"   Bull Pups Reunion:  September 26-27th

Notes from Pete Kiernan:

The Class’s undefeated freshman football team of 1959 gathered for its 55th reunion in New Haven on the weekend of the Yale-Army game, September 26-28, 2014.  This group, which has made it a practice to welcome every class member who came out for the team back in 1959 (more than 100 of our Class did), is virtually unique at Yale, we believe, in its size and longevity.  This year, 16 team members came back and could have fielded a full slate of players.  Here is the lineup:  Backs:  Hank Higdon, Jerry Kenney, Denny Landa, and Dave Weinstein; Receivers:  Fred Andreae, Larry Gwin, Hank Hallas, and Ian Robertson;  Interior linemen:  Erik Jensen, Peter Kiernan, Dave Mawicke, Jim Thompson, Pete Truebner, and John Younger.  Honorary team members Vic Sheronas and Guy Struve were also there.

            A full slate of activities was enjoyed:  visiting the Yale football team’s Friday practice session in the Bowl, Friday night cocktails and dinner at the Barcelona Restaurant, lunch and watching the game from fine seats in the Kenney Center, and cocktails and dinner at Mory’s following the game.  (Thank you, Chris Getman, ’64 and ’63.)  Additionally, the team enjoyed meeting with Rich Marazzi, author of the newly published history of the Bowl on its 100th anniversary, and Jerry Kenney was kind enough to present each team member with a signed copy of that book.  Speaking of the Bowl’s 100th anniversary, one team member noted that, as ancient as that stadium seems, more than half of its life has occurred AFTER our class members played there.

            It was a terrific weekend, enjoyed by all.  There was widespread sentiment among those present that Yale’s upset victory over Army did great credit to the enthusiasm, recruiting prowess, and coaching abilities of Tony Reno and that the Yale football program is on the path toward restoring its reputation for a quality and winning football program in the Ivy League and beyond.  If by chance any 1963 class member reading these notes who came out for freshman football back in 1959 has not been receiving e-mails and other notices/invitations involving the team, and wishes to be included, please alert Ian Robertson at ianrobco@earthlink.net so that you can be added to the team mailing list.


Notes from Jim Thompson:


               Yale had a BIG win on Saturday when we beat Army in overtime at the Yale Bowl 49 to 43. The 1959 Bull Pups (our undefeated freshman team augmented by the You Guys) had a mini 55th reunion and attended the game as a group of 18 guys plus spouses and guests.

It was a perfect weekend and I’m attaching several photos above. I predict that this win over Army marks a major turning point in our campaign to bring Yale football back to its winning ways. Our team would not take no for an answer and being behind was not a sign to fold our tent, but to play harder and smarter.

On Sunday 9/28,  I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Roberts, our starting quarterback, and his extended family. We shared some time together and I introduced Tom Singleton, our quarterback legend from the 1960 team (who was celebrating with us), to Morgan and got a photograph or two plus a photo of Army’s Black Knights (their parachute team) landing at the 50 yard line to deliver the game ball at the start of the game.


                 Jim Thompson




Yale Quarterback Morgan Roberts, Tom Singleton, Big Jim, and Hardy Will (Yale center 1960 team)


Army’s Black Knights parachute team landing at the 50 yard line to deliver the game ball at the start of the game.


Denny Landa, John “Tex” Younger, Erik Jensen, Jim Thompson, Bob Blanchard (star fullback from Yale’s 1960 team), and Ian Robertson, captain of the You Guys/Bull Pups.