- Yale '63-'64 Civil Rights Mini-Reunion in Altanta, GA    April 14-17, 2016



          On April 14-17, 2016, the Yale ’63-’64 Civil Rights Mini-Reunion will be held in Atlanta, GA.  Please mark your calendars now for this landmark event, which will commemorate the Civil Rights Movement and the part our classmates played in it, and also look forward to the future.  Importantly, it will celebrate the deep roots of the Movement in Atlanta as well as the many dimensions of African-American culture – music, art, and food – in that city.  Jonathan Holloway, the Dean of Yale College and a distinguished Professor of African-American Studies, has already agreed to give the keynote address at the Mini-Reunion on April 14, 2016.  Our classmates Art Gilliam and Tom Greenspon and his wife Barbara (who first met on a Civil Rights picket line in Tom’s junior year) are among those planning the program for the Mini-Reunion.  We look forward to seeing many of our classmates there.

Yale '63/'64 Partnership:

The Atlanta Civil Rights Mini-Reunion is one of the first fruits of the partnership which our Class has entered into with the Yale Class of 1964, under the leadership of its energetic Class Secretary, Tony Lavely.  Our Class has many strong links to the Class of 1964, going back to our undergraduate years, and this partnership seeks to build on those links to do things that neither of our two Classes could do as well alone.  Within the collaboration, we aim to preserve the intimacy of a classmate gathering.  As always, dialogue, intellectual growth, and camaraderie will be key objectives.  Our joint activities with the Class of 1964 can range from joint Class lunches and dinners in particular localities, to mini-reunions like the Atlanta Civil Rights Mini-Reunion.  If you have ideas as to activities that we could productively engage in together with the Class of 1964, please let us know about them!