Yale 1963 50th Reunion

"Seasons of our Lives" Photo Album

"54 Years in 500 Photos in 50 Minutes"


For online viewing of any of the 12 Chapters in our "Seasons" video/photo Album, just click on the YouTube link below. 

The full production version introduced at the 50th Reunion in New Haven will be distributed on DVD to those who did not attend the reunion.


Chapter Content Length
I Heritage and Traditions 2
II Our Yale Years  1959-1963 5
III Yale Athletics - 1963 3.5
IV Weddings Bells 1
V Answering the Call to Service 3
VI Building Our Lives 4.5
VII Our Life Partners 9
VIII Our Families 8
IX Our Grandchldren 2.5
X Some Life Learnings 2
XI Ourselves Today 5
XII Credits, In Memoriam, Starting over 5.5

Review:   “Seasons Of Our Lives”, was exceptional.  I just reviewed the entire presentation again and it brought us all back together. It let us know what we’d shared (or could have shared) back then and gave us insights into those we didn’t know during the four years we were at Yale. It also let us bask in the warm glow of being part of something special, something bigger than any one of us, and something profoundly good that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. This video/movie captured that glow for all of us, something that a reunion book could never do and something that our feature film could not address in the same way.  Also, the written materials/outline embedded in the film were very thoughtful in providing helpful insights and aphorisms for each of us to think about, and the music put it over the top."     Jim Thompson



Comments from the editor:

We prepared this full production Video Photo Album for our 50th Reunion. 

It was distributed at the Reunion on CD for you to take home to share with the family and friends.

It will be mailed out to those not attending directly.

This collection of Photos and Learnings was compiled from a number of sources:

  1. submitted by Classmates directly,

  2. the "Yale 1963 at 50" Class Book, photos and Essays

  3. the "Class Survey",

  4. photos scanned from our "1963 Class Book",

  5. official photos downloaded from the official Yale University web site

  6. official photos from Yale campus photographer Michael Marsland

  7. from the archives of previous reunions

  8. together with 28 background music selections appropriate to the eras that were purchased from online sources including the Whiffenpoof stores.

We look at the Roles we played in the Chapters that together compose the Seasons of Our Lives.  Enjoy!




              Some of the Roles we have played:

- Good Sons

- Close Brothers

- Supportive Husbands, 

Exciting Lovers

- Brave Soldiers of war

- Hard working Providers

- Creative Captains of industry

- Loyal Public Servants and Statesmen

- Enthusiastic Teachers and Students

- Valuable Employers and Employees

- Supportive Friends, 

- Loving Fathers  

- Exceptional Grandfathers



I.  Heritage and Traditions

II.  Our Youth

III.  Yale   1959-1963

IV.  Marriage

V.  Answering the Call

VI.  Building Our Own Lives

VII.  Our Life Partners

VIII.  Our Progeny

IX.  Ourselves today

X.  Life Learnings

XI.  In Memoriam

XII.  Full Circle: Giving Thanks and Credits, Starting over



1) Spring

2) Summer

3) Fall

4) Winter (starting over)


Background of the Video:

A labor of love from....

Jon & Karen Larson Family Foundation

PO Box 751  Tiburon, CA  94920

jon_larson@hotmail.com     415-435-3222     www.lff1.org

 April 11, 2013 

“Seasons of Our Lives”   Yale 1963 50th reunion Photo Album

Video Album  Themes and Objectives:

1.       Create a third reunion resource in addition to:   1) The Class Book    and 2) The Class Video

2.       Stress Inclusiveness which is the theme of the reunion

3.       Summarize our lifetime learnings gleaned from the Essays in the Class Book

4.       Show off and share our pride in our partners, families and our progeny – grandchildren, and ourselves

5.       Step through our pre-Yale experiences we have in common, our roots that got us to Yale

6.       Re-experience our four years at Yale

7.       Step through the years between then and now.

8.       Remind us of the costs of war to the 256 of us who put on uniforms in service of our country and especially to those who took incoming fire, and the two classmates who lost their lives.

9.       In Memoriam - reminders of the 160 who have crossed over ahead of us

10.   Credits for the Reunion effort:  Committee members

11.   Looking forward from here

12.   Seasons of our Lives – our general  life patterns and themes

13.   The Chapters within the Seasons

14.   Roles we play throughout our lives

15.   Collage color effect, avoid the specific name details in favor of a general media full sensory immersion experience

16.   Create a photo-album for our progeny to experience our generation

17.   Background music of the periods as appropriate to help tell the story

18.   Have fun, laugh at ourselves, linking hearts through self-deprecating humor.

19.   A Celebration of the richness of our lives.

20.   Package to be used as the Basis for a $1 million grant from the Lucas Foundation to pursue an integrated multi-media project to pull together all three (Class Book, Their Own Words video, and photo-album documentation, into a larger searchable story documenting our generation that will be useful to students of history to come, researchers of anthropology and social mores, screen and book writers seeking to enrich their understand of a generation of men,  and to our own progeny to help them better understand us and themselves.

 Best wishes for a great reunion.  I hope this contribution will be synergistic and contribute to the entire reunion experience for everyone.  A labor of love whose value to me is beyond description.

 And thank you for your consideration and support.

Me kealoha pumehana  (warmest regards from me to you),