Yale 1963 

Purchase Reunion Artifacts

1) Yale Tote Bags:  (men and women)

Extra 50th Reunion Tote Bags.  We also have a very limited number of extras of the attractive Yale 1963 tote bags that were distributed to Reunion attendees.  These are available at cost, which in this case is $50 plus $5 shipping.  There are two styles, each embroidered on the outside with a Yale ‘63 logo:  the men’s style, a boat-style bag made of heavy off-white canvas, and the ladies’ style, a white canvas bag with a navy handle and handsome blue and white striped lining.   If you are interested in purchasing a tote bag, please e-mail Guy Struve at guy.struve@davispolk.com quickly (specifying which tote bag you would like to purchase).  Orders will be filled in order of receipt, with preference given in this case to classmates who were unable to attend the Reunion.


                                  Ladies Tote Bag......


                                           Mens Tote Bag......


2) "Yale 1963 at 50" Class Book"

 Extra Copies of the Class Book.  You should already have received your copy of the 50th Reunion Class Book.  Please e-mail guy.struve@davispolk.com right away if you have not received it.  A very limited number of extra copies of the Class Book are available for purchase at the cost to the Class, which is $75 plus $8 shipping.  If you are interested in purchasing an extra copy of the Class Book, please e-mail guy.struve@davispolk.com quickly, because orders will be filled in order of receipt.   




DVDs of the Class Film and the Class Photo/Music Album. 

Every classmate who was not able to attend the Reunion receives DVDs of the Class Film by RIck Okie and the Class Seasons Photo/Music Album put together by Jon Larson. 

Extra copies of the DVD's are available for $20.00 each.   Please contact Guy or Jon for details.


3) "Seasons of Our Lives" Video PhotoAlbum   (a limited supply of copies is available for $20 each)


“Seasons Of Our Lives”, was exceptional.  I just reviewed the entire presentation again and it brought us all back together. It let us know what we’d shared (or could have shared) back then and gave us insights into those we didn’t know during the four years we were at Yale. It also let us bask in the warm glow of being part of something special, something bigger than any one of us, and something profoundly good that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. This video/movie captured that glow for all of us, something that a reunion book could never do and something that our feature film could not address in the same way.  Also, the written materials/outline embedded in the film were very thoughtful in providing helpful insights and aphorisms for each of us to think about, and the music put it over the top."     Jim Thompson


4) "In Our Own Words" Class Film     (a limited supply of copies is available for $20 each)