Yale 1963 50th Reunion -

Reunion Notes from Classmates


Guy Struve

Jon Larson

Larry Gwin

Constantine Cacos

John Younger

Rob Lacy

Avi Nelson

Tom Chun

John Impert

Beverly Gunther

General comments via email:

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"Re-connect to our future."  

This reunion is not a summation of our lives nearer the end, it is reviewing and understanding the past but also embarking on a shared future, more adventures. "Life begins at 70".  This reunion is not a Wake, it is a Christening ceremony marking our rebirth to a new wonderful future, enhanced by our opportunity to reconnect to 860 great men.

Start over with a new base of understanding. This is a very positive reason to come, especially for those who have not connected with us since they left in 1963. This is a great time to start over, create a new beginning. We will all be starting a new cycle together that will tap into a great source of kindred energy going forward in our lives.  T.S Eliot had it right when he wrote in his Four Quartets;

"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time." 

Come back full circle to your own starting point. We will be there to greet you and join you moving forward from here. Continued contacts, shared emails, future reunions, special connections. A celebration of our future, not our past.  "The Bright College Years" are still ahead of us.