Yale 1963 

Books We Have Written:

Publishing in the Digital Age

"Self-Publish Your Own Book - a (simple) Guide"

(includes synopses of 100 books authored by 81 Yale Class of 1963 Authors)


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    List price: $18.00   Yale Class of 1963 gets a $10.50 royalty donation per book sold thru CreateSpace publisher.  Royalties to Y63 are smaller where sold thru other discount distributors.

 -----    from the Authors....

We have written a new book that has been published on behalf of our classmates featuring:

1)      81 authors and our books submitted for our 50th Reunion last May in New Haven, compiled by Laton McCartney and Guy Struve and presented as an exhibit at Sterling Library.

2)      Supplemented with a section I have added titled Self-Publish Your Own Book - a (simple) Guide


The objectives of this book include:

1)      Motivating our Yale 63 classmates to self-publish our own books by re-presenting our esteemed contributions in published form

2)      Enabling us to self-publish our own books using the new low cost easy to use online capabilities

3)      Adding my own book to our imposing lists of books, and learning how to self-publish myself in the process.

4)      Document my own leanings so they might benefit others (in our class and outside) to encourage them self-publish

5)     Provide input as to how we got published, what systems and methods we used.

6)    Helpful insights regarding publishing from our extensive experiences 

The book is currently available as a softcover book for global sales through Amazon.com Books for $18.00 list priceper copy..  We plan to distribute our book through other distribution channels including Barnes and Noble and Google Books.   

Any/all net proceeds will go to our Class of 1963 treasury.

A free copy of the final book is available to our 1963 classmates here through our www.yale63.org  web site.  (just click the link above)

Book specifications:

  • 282 pages

  • 81 contributed Class of 1963 Authors

  • Synopses of over 100 books written by class Authors including some published since the reunion

  • 100 pages of publishing wisdom contributed from over 20 classmates

 7) Sales and promotion of our book:

a)      We will submit it for the YAM  books section for the Yale Alumni Magazine.

b)       We will ask the 81 authors and Yale 1963 classmates to review the free version on our web site and then log onto Amazon.com Books and give us a 5-star rating in the Customer Feedback yelp section for the book.

 All the best,