Yale 1963

Assistance in using Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a great tool for performing surveys of any size for almost any use.  Yale 63 has our own copy of Survey Monkey for our own use so there is no cost to performing any survey.  Survey Monkey is a very easy and friendly process to set up.   It will greatly assist the planning for almost any project you are considering.

We have recently used SM for planning of other class activities including:

  1. Vote for Class AYA Representative

  2. Class Video "In Our Own Words" completion project

  3. "San Francisco mini-Reunion"  - September of 2013

  4. "Yale 1963 Tour de France - 2015"

  5. "San Francisco mini-Reunion"  - October of 2011


To create your own survey for advance planning for any class function, just follow these steps:

1. Assemble your project and get Guy's approval to proceed.

2. Email Dick Moser at  dmoser@pmpllc.biz  to discuss your plan and requirements and receive advance advice on preparing the question set.

   Jon at   jon_larson@hotmail.com  will be assisting Dick with the web site aspects where required.

3. Formulate your questions set and email a copy to DIck.

4. Provide a list of the email addresses of the participants in the survey.

5. Dick and Jon will create the survey and review it with you ahead of time.

6. With your OK, the survey will be emailed out to all recipients on the target list, by Dick, Jon, Guy.

7. Dick will periodically email you a spreadsheet summarizing and detailing all of the answers to each question.

8. Dick can provide you with password access so that you can log onto Survey Monkey and view the results real time yourself.

9. The survey can be modified at any time during the process based on feedback from the survey.