Yale 1963

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Class Video Archive Project - "In Our Own Words"

Welcome to our new Yale 1963 Video Archive. We believe this project and production are unprecedented in the history of Yale University and perhaps in the world.

1) We are packaging an indexed database of information using the latest technology that combines video, audio and textual information on the individuals in our class. 

2) We hope this unique database will gain historical significance over time as the first and best attempt by a full graduating class at Yale to share its complete history through the backgrounds and developmental challenges of our generation of Yale men.

3) We are developing unique technology and methods to share that information with the entire community for the benefit of our current and our future generations. 

4) And we hope that the technologies we are using can be replicated by other groups of individuals wishing to share their collective history for current and future generations as well.
We look forward to your review and feedback so that we can continue to improve the site over time.
Stan Riveles
Ian Robertson
Jon Larson


This is a five phase project:  

Phase I:  2012-2013    completed

For our 50th, a special team of videographers led by Richard Oakie and Dean Butler created a 90 minute film consisting of a collection of recordings of 122 of our Classmates all filmed at special recording sessions around the country in preparation for showing at our 50th Reunion.  The recording sessions were free form and averaged about 45-60 minutes each.  Classmates were asked to discuss matters important to themselves covering a wide range of life experiences and learnings since we graduated in 1963. 

Each sequence was condensed down into a set of mini-video snippets averaging around one minute each, some less, some slightly longer.  This film was one of the highlights of the entire 50th Reunion.  Classmates each received a DVD of the entire 90 minute film to take home for viewing with family members and friends.


Phase II:     2014-2015    completed

1) Edit the 1st set of 12 full interviews into a more completed state; 1) Eliminate the green screen and substitute a unique Yale background, and 2) Index tagging to key common subjects within each video.   For this editing round with a limited budget, we did not eliminate dead space nor the faint questioning in the background.  This will be done in a later edit if/when funds are available.

2) Make each video available on a DVD to each classmates to purchase.  3) Incorporate two additional complete videos: 1) Dean Arthur Howe, a full two hour video prepared for our 50th discussing how our class was selected. and 2) John Blum video created for the Class of 1961 describing the teaching environment at Yale in which we were all immersed in 1959-1963.  

 4) Put the 12 videos online for access through our Class of 63 web site using password protection.

5) Also incorporate:

1) the original full 90 minute class video "In Our Own Words" premiered at our 50th reunion

2) the 50 minute "Seasons of Our Lives" audio/photo album created by Jon Larson for our 50th Reunion containing 500 photos used in the video and a capella music from our Yale years sung by the Y63 Whiffs and other Yale a capella groups.

3) the "Halftime" video of five classmates with Yale Professor Daniel Levinson.  Produced for our 25th Reunion.

The estimated Phase II cost is $13,000 including the 14 audio to text supplement for the 14 videos.   This project so far is self-funded by the participants and is not using funds from the Class Treasury.


Phase III:    2016

Add additional individual classmate videos to the online database beyond the initial base of 12 full edited classmate interviews plus Dean Howe and John Blum. 

So far 33 of the 122 classmates who took the survey have indicated they will fund $500 each to complete the initial project which will include putting the full edited section for each of us onto a web site for Internet viewing with full security access for two years, and thereafter given to Beinecke for future generations.  In addition each classmate paying an additional $100 will receive a full edited version of his 30-45 minute video on a DVD for home viewing. 


Phase IV:    2016

Receive a copy of each of the 122 unedited Class film interviews as filmed start to end and averaging 40-65 minutes each, from producer Peak Moore Enterprises as provided in the Class’s contract with Peak Moore Enterprises.  Arrange to store these as a single file at Sterling Library or Beinecke in a suitable format.


Phase V:    (future, to be defined)  2017 - 2018+   

Complete by our 55th Reunion.    Extend the Film to include as many of our Classmates as possible. Integrate the Film with other data collected for our 50th including Group Discussions, the Class Survey, Class Essays, and the extended Video Album.   Consider implementing an indexed text version of the database using speech to text technology.  This is a major research project designed to document our generation of men for historical purposes.  At minimum it could be available through a controlled environment as Beinecke or Sterling Libraries on campus.   This will require outside grant funding and is a much longer term and extended project over the Stage II completion of a subset of the current 122 person film archive.