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Reunion Central: Y63 55th "Free" Reunion

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176 Classmates have already registered to come to our 55th.

88 more told us they want to come but have not Officially Registered yet.

Our goal is to set the all time record for 55th Reunion % of class participation (like we did for our 50th).


Important.  Make sure you are officially registered to attend the 55th Reunion.



Click here to see the Official List of who has officially registered  as of February 23rd.


To Officially Register, please

1.   Click on www.aya.yale.edu/reunions/  

2.   Click on the Yale 1963 55th Reunion box (3rd box down on the blue left hand column)

3.   Click on the second button (“Register Now!”) to register. 

4.   Answer the questions in the registration section of the website.

5.   Click “Confirm”. 

The registration web page has a link to the tentative program for our Reunion

so that you can see which events will take place on each day of the Reunion.



Official Reunion invitation letter to the Class of 1963 from Guy Struve.   <<== please click here


        1)  May 31 through June 3rd SAVE THE DATES!  

The 55th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1963 will begin at midday on Thursday, May 31, 2018 and will run through the morning on Sunday, June 3, 2018. 


Please mark these dates in your calendar, and be sure to save them for the 55th Reunion, which already promises to be our best Reunion yet. 


The 55th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1963 will be held in Branford College We are very happy with the choice of Branford College for our Reunion.  Branford has a spacious central courtyard which can hold a tent large enough to accommodate the record-setting attendance we expect at the Reunion.  Branford is centrally located, both with respect to the New Haven hotels where many classmates will be staying, and with respect to the venues on campus where some Reunion gatherings will be held.  And Branford is an architectural gem of the Yale campus, located immediately below the focal point of the entire campus, Harkness Tower.



       2)  Totally Free Reunion:  The 55th Reunion will be our first totally Free Reunion.  All Reunion food and drink, and lodging at the Reunion residential college, will be free of charge to everyone who attends the Reunion.  The Class has been saving up for the Free Reunion for four years now, and the financial viability of the Free Reunion is now fully assured.  We are doing this because we want everyone to come to the 55th Reunion – regardless of whether or not you have ever attended any of our Reunions before.  Those who attended the 50th Reunion and prior Reunions know that they are a special and memorable experience – not only reuniting with old friends, but making new friends with whom you already have much in common.  We want everyone to enjoy this experience, which is why we have demolished all financial disincentives to attendance.


       3)  Leadership team:  We have been lucky in recruiting an all-star leadership team for the 55th Reunion.  The Reunion Co-Chairmen are Ian Robertson and Eustace Theodore, and the Chairman of the Reunion Committee is Jon Larson.  Ian, Eustace, and Jon are looking forward to hearing your thoughts for the 55th Reunion and about how to reach out to as many classmates as possible.


      4)  55th Reunion Committee:  Over 200 of us have already joined the committee.  To join, all you have to do is to:

a) Agree to participate in the planning with ideas for activities that you and others would find as good reasons to come to the Reunion. 

b) Phone classmates with whom you have had current or past contact whom you would like to encourage to attend the reunion.

We are in the process of calling all classmates soliciting input to the planning process. You can expect a call from one of the committee members.  Or you can call Jon Larson at 415-435-3222.

     5)  Hotel Booking:    <click here


     6)  Reunion Events Schedule:   <click here

             7)  Pre-Reunion planned Activities  <<==  click here to see

  • Golf on the 30th

  • New York City  May 29-31st


         -Click here to view the =>  55th Reunion Preview Video

         -Click here to view the =>  50th Reunion Photos Album    (1-2 min. download.   Viewing hint:  Save first, and then view offline)

"That's Why I Chose Yale" -  A look at Yale in the second decade of the 21st century .

  Over 2 million have viewed this Video of life at Yale today in the second decade of the 21st century, produced by the students and the Yale Alumni Office. It is a wonderful compilation of life at Yale today.  Hang in there through the first two minutes which is slow, then enjoy the explosion of energy and awe of how life on campus has changed since we were there 55 years ago.


            We look forward to seeing you again at our 55th starting May 31st of 2018. 

            Your 55th Reunion team:   Ian, Eustace, Jon  (and Guy)