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Our 55th Reunion (May 31-June 3, 2018) was a huge success...

Click below to see the photos and videos documenting our time together.


55th Reunion Photos - I      <== click here        by Pat Johnston

55th Reunion Photos - II   <== click here   by Various Classmates


Acapella Music Video  <== click here     by John Derby


Memorial Service Remembrances   <== click here    by Jon Larson


Class Survey Report   <== click here    by Jere Johnston

1) The Survey.  Classmate Jere Johnston has distributed a class survey before the last three reunions and presented the findings in the Class Book and in a short movie at the reunion itself.   247 classmates completed this year's survey, down from 467 for the 50th reunion survey.  The tabulations for each question in this year’s survey can be found in the PDF file below.  The tabulations for the previous surveys appear in the Class Book for that reunion. 

All of these surveys provide interesting sketches of the beliefs, behaviors, accomplishments and aspirations of some of our classmates.  But the respondents do not necessarily represent our class, so take the findings as interesting and useful, but not a scientifically accurate profile of our class. 

2) The Movie.  This year’s movie (“Y63Survey-55thReunionPreso”) focuses on the most recent survey, but it includes findings from the survey of our class for the 50th reunion. It is 15 minutes long.  There is no audio, so watch it in a quiet setting so you can let the numbers and quotations wash over you.  Our classmates are some of the most interesting males of our age cohort.  Be inspired by some of their answers. 

You should be able to click or double click on the file name and it will play right in your Web browser.  You can also download the movie to your computer and play it there.  Questions?  Email Jere at  jerej@umich.edu


Prior Reunion Photos Album   <== click here    by Jon Larson

(long download time, large file, your patience will be rewarded)


Seasons: of Our Lives  (Videos)  12 Chapters    by Jon Larson

Chapter Content Length
I Heritage and Traditions 2
II Our Yale Years  1959-1963 5
III Yale Athletics - 1963 3.5
IV Weddings Bells 1
V Answering the Call to Service 3
VI Building Our Lives 4.5
VII Our Life Partners 9
VIII Our Families 8
IX Our Grandchildren 2.5
X Some Life Learnings 2
XI Ourselves Today 5
XII Credits, In Memoriam, Starting over 5.5



From May 31 through June 3, 2018, we held our 55th Reunion in Branford College in New Haven.  Our 55th Reunion was noteworthy for several reasons:


First, the 55th Reunion was our first Free Reunion.  All food, drink, and lodging in Branford College were entirely free of charge to all classmates and guests.  This was made possible through Class dues and contributions to the Reunion Expense Reserve by hundreds of classmates.  This is the first time that any Yale class has self-funded a free reunion in this manner.


 Second, our 55th Reunion broke all the records for a 55th reunion.  Not only did we break the records, we shattered them.  Our attendance of 314 classmates was 130 more than the largest number of classmates that had ever attended a 55th reunion.  41.0% of our Class attended the 55th Reunion, demolishing the prior record of 28.6%.  It seems safe to predict that the records set by our 55th Reunion will stand for many years to come.


Third, and most important, the 55th Reunion was our best Reunion ever.  The spirit of the Reunion was grounded in conversations both short and long that formed new friendships and reinforced those that stretch back for almost 60 years.  If you were there, you know how wonderful the Reunion was.  If you were not there, ask your friends who were there to share their experiences with you.  Memorable photographs of the Reunion, taken by Pat Johnston, are posted on the Class Website, www.yale63.org.


The program for our 55th Reunion included many features pioneered in our previous Reunions, including Class discussion groups and a Memorial Service in Battell Chapel remembering our classmates who died since the last Reunion.  Our 55th Reunion also included several innovations, including informal tabletop discussion groups after breakfast in Branford courtyard.


At the Class Dinner on Friday, June 1, 2018, Class of 1963 achievement awards were presented to Jim Courtright, Fred Hanser, Peter Kiernan, Mike Koenig, and  Bill Kramer.  Then all of those who had made important contributions to the Reunion were successively asked to stand, including the Class Officers, the Class Council, the Reunion Committee, and the Reunion Gift Committee.  Without all of them, our record-breaking Reunion would not have been possible.


The Reunion Gift Committee, headed by Fred Hanser and Bill Kramer, raised a total of $12.73 million, exceeding the target.  Our Alumni Fund effort, headed by Troy Murray and Ken Porter, likewise reported good results.  Thanks are due to Fred, Bill, Troy, Ken, and their Committees for their hard work and dedication.


The Reunion was preceded by a pre-reunion in New York City, culminating in guided tours of the Frick and the Metropolitan Museums, a play, a Class Lunch and Dinner at the Yale Club of New York City, and a golf outing organized by Peter Kiernan at the Yale Golf Course followed by dinner at Mory’s.


The Co-Chairmen of the 55th Reunion – Ian Robertson and Eustace Theodore – did an absolutely outstanding job in planning and executing the Reunion.  They were assisted by many classmates, including Jon Larson, Chairman of the Reunion Committee, and Jon Rose, Editor of the 55th Reunion Class Book.


            All in all, our 55th Reunion was one we can be proud of, and it sets a very high standard for our 60th Reunion and beyond.  At the close of the Reunion, we dedicated ourselves to the goal of bringing back to our 60th Reunion as many as possible of the classmates who were not at this Reunion.  We look forward to seeing everyone in 2023.


Guy Miller Struve, Secretary

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

450 Lexington Avenue, Room 2910, New York, NY 10017

E-Mail:  guy.struve@davispolk.com

Class Website:  www.yale63.org




Click here to see the Official List of who has officially registered  as of May 1, 2018


To Officially Register, please

1.   Click on www.aya.yale.edu/reunions/  

2.   Click on the Yale 1963 55th Reunion box (3rd box down on the blue left hand column)

3.   Click on the second button (“Register Now!”) to register. 

4.   Answer the questions in the registration section of the website.

5.   Click “Confirm”. 

The registration web page has a link to the tentative program for our Reunion

so that you can see which events will take place on each day of the Reunion.



Official Reunion invitation letter to the Class of 1963 from Guy Struve.   <<== please click here


        1)  May 31 through June 3rd SAVE THE DATES!  

The 55th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1963 will begin at midday on Thursday, May 31, 2018 and will run through the morning on Sunday, June 3, 2018. 


Please mark these dates in your calendar, and be sure to save them for the 55th Reunion, which already promises to be our best Reunion yet. 


The 55th Reunion of the Yale Class of 1963 will be held in Branford College We are very happy with the choice of Branford College for our Reunion.  Branford has a spacious central courtyard which can hold a tent large enough to accommodate the record-setting attendance we expect at the Reunion.  Branford is centrally located, both with respect to the New Haven hotels where many classmates will be staying, and with respect to the venues on campus where some Reunion gatherings will be held.  And Branford is an architectural gem of the Yale campus, located immediately below the focal point of the entire campus, Harkness Tower.



       2)  Totally Free Reunion:  The 55th Reunion will be our first totally Free Reunion.  All Reunion food and drink, and lodging at the Reunion residential college, will be free of charge to everyone who attends the Reunion.  The Class has been saving up for the Free Reunion for four years now, and the financial viability of the Free Reunion is now fully assured.  We are doing this because we want everyone to come to the 55th Reunion – regardless of whether or not you have ever attended any of our Reunions before.  Those who attended the 50th Reunion and prior Reunions know that they are a special and memorable experience – not only reuniting with old friends, but making new friends with whom you already have much in common.  We want everyone to enjoy this experience, which is why we have demolished all financial disincentives to attendance.


       3)  Leadership team:  The Reunion Co-Chairmen are Ian Robertson and Eustace Theodore.   Jon Larson is assisting as a participation committee coordinator.  And of course Guy Struve is making it all happen for us with his excruciating attention to the details and his regular electronic communications of updates to the class.  Guy, Ian, Eustace, and Jon are still working to reach out to as many classmates as possible.


     4)  Hotel Booking:    <click here   (call Jon at 415-435-3222 for assist in late hotel bookings)


     5)  Reunion Events Schedule:   <click here


     6)  Discussion Groups:    <click here


     7)  Tabletop Discussion Groups:    <click here


     8)   Memorial Service:    <click here

             9)  Pre-Reunion planned Activities  <<==  click here to see

  • Golf on the 30th

  • New York City  May 29-31st


         -Click here to view the =>  55th Reunion Preview Video

         -Click here to view the =>  50th Reunion Photos Album    (1-2 min. download.   Viewing hint:  Save first, and then view offline)

"That's Why I Chose Yale" -  A look at Yale in the second decade of the 21st century .

  Over 2 million have viewed this Video of life at Yale today in the second decade of the 21st century, produced by the students and the Yale Alumni Office. It is a wonderful compilation of life at Yale today.  Hang in there through the first two minutes which is slow, then enjoy the explosion of energy and awe of how life on campus has changed since we were there 55 years ago.


            We look forward to seeing you again at our 55th starting May 31st of 2018. 

            Your 55th Reunion team:   Ian, Eustace, Jon  (and Guy)